April 2014  
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Catching Up With Our Principal
By Brittany Augustine

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a few changes at the TOP of Queens Academy. Our former Principal Ms. Short has retired and replacing her is our former AP Bill Manolios. We recently caught up with him for a little chat and he had a lot to say. You may not know, but he's actually pretty friendly.

To start off, Mr. Manolios had told us briefly about our former Principal Ms. Short's retirement. Unfortunately, Ms. Short felt it was her time to move on and did not want her retirement to be a distraction considering how this transition took place during Regents week. I think we can all respect that. Despite our loss of a devoted principal, we are lucky to have another great leader in charge.

Here's a bit of background: Mr. Manolios has had 7 years of teaching experience at different schools, plus 11 years as AP. We asked him about his plans for this school and he said he wanted "to make this school the best school so that every student would want to walk through our doors. But, one person is not going to make that happen."

He is absolutely right about that. Our new principal tries to inspire the young adults of Queens Academy to do the best they can do. We were surprised to find out that our principal had his own troubles in school. Mr. Manolios dropped out, and got his GED. Despite hard times, he managed to strive; something all of us are capable of doing. He worked hard to get through years of college and now he is principal. He wants to show you that no dream is impossible!

Anyone interested in attending Queens Academy should call the school Monday - Friday between 8:30am -2:00pm to find out about registration and orientation.

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  • 4/7/2014
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4/14 - 4/22/2014
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